Sunday, February 16, 2014

Real Estate Agents Alternatives

While most owners when considering selling a house would opt directly to hire a real estate agent, there are alternatives to the conventional method. These options can save you money but with a little effort on your part since you will be doing more of the work yourself – home selling online and private home selling.

Property Sale Websites
The introduction of the Internet makes marketing easier. There are many private property sale websites nowadays that will allow you to reach a wider audience. Property sale websites function as the local classifieds; the main distinction is that your listing will be virtually available anywhere.

Since you will be doing this on your own, be prepared to write description of your house, take photos that will go with your ad, facilitate viewings, and negotiate with potential buyers. If you are willing to do this and if you have time, you can have big savings selling your house this way.

Aside from these websites which purpose is to list properties for sale, there are also agents who are only available online. Unlike traditional agents, they provide services virtually. They are capable of handling negotiations and proceed to sale completion via online mode. The difference between property sale websites and online estate agents is that the latter handles queries from potential buyers and pass on to the seller. A property sale website can also be an agent if it acts in such a way.

Private Home Selling
Another alternative is to sell your house to a private investor. With private investors, there is no need for home viewings, home staging, and home listing. Private investors even buy houses as is so you can go directly with the sale without preparing your home.

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