Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best Approach to Sell Raw Land for Fast Cash

People who face cash problems can solve their problems by selling their properties. They often think which way to go, what will be the best approach to sell land fast for cash? Let’s find out the answer:

Sell your raw land with Realtor

If your land has good market value and you have enough time on your hands, you can choose this way. You can find tons of realtors in your area and pick the one who has done successful deals in his/her business history. Despite these facts, you also have to pay commissions and fees to realtors. They require lots of time to sell your land and demand even more months for closing.

Sell By Owner

Selling your property by owner is the similar task to selling your land with a realtor. The key difference is that you have to do all the work personally. Put on the realtor jacket and find buyers and show them your raw land. If they are willing to buy your land, negotiate the sale and make disclosures to write a contract. This way is good to sell your raw land only if you have sufficient time to handle sales, marketing and the negotiations process.

Sell your Raw Land to Private Land Buyers

The best and fastest way to get all cash offers on your raw land. However, you need to find someone to whom you can work with and trust. Finding an experienced private buyer can be a difficult task because there are a number of investors who just finished their courses and weekend seminars and try to prove themselves as the next “Rich Dad”. Many have never done an investment in their whole lives. Therefore, always look for the seasoned private buyers that are experienced, confident and capable to buy your raw land. An experienced investor or private buyer also knows all kinds of real estate transactions and can give you a detailed analysis of your raw land in minimum time. They can give you a ray of hope and offer you customized services. Many real estate investors and private buyers purchase your raw land despite its condition, good or bad.

Private buyers offer you 5 to 20% of fair market price with the added benefit of a quick cash sale despite the raw land’s condition or situation. This is one of the best ways to get a speedy transaction when you need funds immediately. You can connect with private land buyers and real estate investors through on-line forms and websites. One of their representatives might visit your raw land and if satisfied, he can offer on your land. Selling your raw land is a good idea to solve your financial difficulties. Lucas Properties LLC’s solution offers you fair cash for your property within seven days without any commission and all fees, liens and actions paid. Get your offer today!


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    1. We are located in Northern Virginia, but we make purchases throughout the United States. Please feel free to complete our online form if you are looking to sell your property fast for cash.

    2. I have almost 30 acres in Scott County, Va and currently have it listed with an agent and it's not really getting any bites. I am in the position that I don't really need to sell it but really want to sell it. Our contract is up in June or July I would really be interested in talking to you about selling our property

  2. I would like to know does anyone have a phone number for Lucas Properties LLC. I have completed an online form. I would like to speak with someone in reference to selling some commercial property in Georgia