Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Sell Raw Land for Fast Cash

Land that has not been used or developed for any purpose is called raw land. If you want to sell your raw land, you should know a few things before you consider land selling. Here are some simple techniques that can attract more buyers quickly so you can sell your land fast.
First, do the survey of your raw land if you want to sell for cash. If you have already done a survey then make sure that you know everything about your land. Know your raw land’s potential boundaries because buyers will want to know the exact lines of your land. It would be great if you mark your land boundaries with stones. A survey is very crucial before selling raw land so, if you don’t have time to visit your land, you can hire a reputable local surveyor.
Contact local health department to know if the land can hold a septic system with the help of perk, water and soil test. It will help the buyer to know whether the land can support his plans or not. Property that is not developable for residential or commercial housing may still be of value as a camp or hunting property.
Find the zoning of your raw land to know if it is zoned for agriculture, residential or commercial use and find the per year rate of property tax on the land. You can get help from a local courthouse to find this information. Note the location of your land whether it is in or out of the city limits.
You can conduct your own market research to determine the appropriate price for your raw land. Some agents will offer a free broker price opinion as well. It is not an appraisal; it is only an opinion of price. You can also call a land appraiser for appraisal. Finally, compare both opinions and decide on the better price offer.
If you are looking to sell your land fast and don’t want to be bothered by figuring out prices, conducting surveys and marking property borders, then you are looking to make a fast land sale to a private buyer or investor. Lucas Properties, LLC buys land in any location for a fair cash price. Get a cash offer for your land today!

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