Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Home Selling: Types of Home Listing

Home Selling

Home listing is part of a marketing strategy for home selling. It is one of the ways to reach potential buyers. There are several types of listing but only a few are commonly used.

Open Listing
This is commonly used by home owners who have chosen FSBO (For Sale By Owner.) As the name suggests, this is a non-exclusive listing. As the seller, you can have a listing to as many brokers as you want and you only pay commission to whoever finds a buyer first. That also means you need not pay any commission if you found your own buyer. Most brokers do not want to work an open listing unless the home inventory is low.

One-Time Show
This is somehow similar to an open listing. Sometimes, a broker will show a FSBO to one of his clients. The seller signs a one-time agreement which guarantees that the broker gets a commission should the specified potential buyer closes the deal. This prevents the seller from negotiating to the buyer directly after the showing and avoids paying the agent’s commission.

Multiple Listing
This is the very core of home listing. The goal of marketing is to reach as many potential buyers as possible; with MLS (Multiple Listing System) you can achieve this goal. MLS has a huge network of agents and these agents have access to clients looking to buy a home. This type of network will sell your home. Without MLS, for sale by owners are at a disadvantage.

Sellers with FSBO do not necessarily need to list their homes to sell. The presence of private property investors makes FSBO easier. The seller needs only to work with a decent property investor and he is guaranteed to have a close deal within a few days.

Private investors, such as Lucas Properties, have a list of buyers who are qualified to purchase a home but unlike brokers, they do not ask for commission. The biggest benefit that private investors have to offer is they provide for sale by owners an option to beat the time and expense of selling their homes the traditional way.

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