Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sell Commercial Properties for Cash

What are commercial properties and their uses? Commercial properties are properties which are zoned for business use. Each type of commercial property has a different market value according to its purpose. Industrial properties are typically used for building warehouses and factories. They are not location-sensitive because products can be stored and or produced anywhere. This type of property is not difficult to maintain but are generally cheaper compared to retail properties.

Retail properties are very costly and perhaps the most difficult to maintain. The deciding factor for its market value is location. A clothing store at the right location can bring a lot of money and can be a very good investment, however, as the property owner you also have to conform to all the zoning rules and regulations.

There are also commercial properties that are being used for offices, health care, and even churches. Commercial properties with offices and heath care are good investments because they are leased for long period of times. However, like any other investments, there are risks involved. If your tenants can no longer afford to remain there for whatever reasons, you as an owner will have less income to pay for the taxes and maintenance.

This could be the same reason why commercial property owners choose to sell their property for cash. They don’t have the time or the desire to get involved in the hassles of maintaining the property. Selling commercial property can be a challenge because your target buyers are most likely business men and business owners. These buyers have different mindset as opposed to residential property buyers.

Your best buyer should have the financial ability to purchase your property. In this difficult time where the market condition is down, only private property investors have the cash on hand. Lucas Properties LLC, a private property investor, is buying commercial lands with cash. Contact them now; get the cash you wanted and be worry-free.

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