Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tips in Selling Your Farm Land

Selling a farm land entails the same strategies in selling an industrial or a commercial land. Photos, print ads, and online advertisements have the same format. The slight differences lie on the land details because farm land requires additional information such as crops produced, irrigation or water system, total acres, cultivatable acres, pasture acres, pond sizes, etc. Potential farm land buyers may also require information on leases, yield history, drainage, potential property uses, mineral rights, air rights, and property taxes.

Know the value of your land so you can set the right price. If you do not how or do not have the time to conduct a market research, you can hire a real estate appraiser. A professional appraiser sets the asking price by using comparable studies. He will determine the prices of other properties in the market with similar features to yours. He may set a higher asking price if your property clearly offers an advantage or set it lower than the market value depending on your land’s qualities.

Get your land ready for sale. Mark the property borders with flags or have the area fenced. Some buyers would want a professional survey result for bank loan approval. Take photos of your land highlighting the structures, crops produced and harvested. Added land attributes may include water system, irrigation, improvements made such as leveling or tiling.

Market your property. You can hire a real estate agent, list your property in local listings, make it visible online so you can reach a wider source of potential buyers, or sell it to private land investors. Private land investors, such as Lucas Properties, buy any type of land with cash. With Lucas Properties, you have less to worry about because they will also take care of the after-sales documentation. Want a hassle-free sale? Contact Lucas Properties now.

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  1. Nice tips. Good for Yogyakarta, there are so many farm land.