Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Want to Sell a Piece of Land

“I want to sell a portion of land but I’m not sure how to do it properly.” Are you one of the many homeowners who have shared the same sentiments? As the owner, you have to weigh down your options between selling your property at the highest possible price versus selling it the fastest way. This article will provide you with tips on how to sell your land properly and quickly.

The moment that you have decided to sell your land, you should have it ready to sell. It is like staging a house or apartment before the sale; you have to make your property presentable by cutting the overgrown grasses, repaint the border fences, and fix the landscape to get rid of mud puddles.

An appropriate price is critical to achieving a quick sale. Determine your land’s selling price by comparing it to the local market conditions for similar properties. Check how much similar properties are selling for within the past six months and use it as basis when setting your asking price.

As soon as you are done with the first two steps, this is where you decide how to market your property. You can market the property yourself, you can sell it in auction, you can use a real estate broker, or you can contact private property investors. Each option has its advantages in terms of getting your property sold at the highest price versus selling it quickly. However, to get the highest price AND at the shortest time possible, selling your land to private property investors is the way to go.

Lucas Properties LLC is a private property investor whose aim is to help you get rid of your land at your most convenient time. They buy land with cash regardless of the season or market conditions. With Lucas Properties, you can be sure to have a close deal in as early as 7 days after you accept their offer.

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