Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why Sell to Private Investors

Selling land in a down market is very difficult. However, some private property owners still sell land during this time because of many reasons: death in family, divorce, relocation due to job, financial reasons and many more. As the property owner, you will most likely find ways to earn more from your land.

Some property owners chose to sell their property on their own because they do not want to spend money on real estate agents. Studies show that the average agents’ fee is 3-5% of the asking price. Now, if you have an asking price of $50,000 the agent’s fee will be $2,500 based on the 5% rate. You could have use the $2,500 for a more important need than hiring an agent. However, there is a catch to selling properties on your own. Since you don’t have an agent to represent you, you have to do the tedious tasks yourself such as preparing your land for the sale, checking out the neighborhood to determine the asking price, putting your property in the list, marketing your property and showing your property to potential buyers.

Don’t have time but don’t want to spend money than what is necessary? Your best option is to sell your land to private investors. Do a quick search online and you will have your options of private property investors. One of the most trusted private investors in the business is Lucas Properties LLC. Unlike realtors, Lucas Properties will not list your land, they buy it with cash. You don’t have to market your property because as soon as you accept their offer, the deal is considered closed. They will even take care of the after-sales documents so it will be easier for the owner to move on. Need help? Contact Lucas Properties now!

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