Friday, December 28, 2012

Sell My House, Five Mistakes You Should Avoid

Most home owners who wanted to sell their house would want to do it fast. This is understandable considering that you have come to the decision as to sell your house. Whatever your reasons are, they are of utmost importance. In order to sell your house fast, you should avoid these mistakes commonly taken by home owners who lack the knowledge and skills needed to survive in the real estate business.

First is hiring the wrong agent. Home owners who do not have the time nor the experience in house selling will seek the help of a real estate agent. Hiring an agent is good if you have the right agent. Recommendation from your friends or trusted business alliances is often the best way to get a good agent. The right agent means someone who is driven, someone who will give the support you need and someone who will get you through the whole tedious process with professionalism and expertise. Otherwise, you will be just like one of those with unsold properties.

Reduce the asking price again and again. Incremental price drops only show that the owner is desperate to get rid of the property. This can be bad as buyers will question why the house is not selling. They would think that the house must have been seen and rejected by many so they will not even bother to ask for a showing. You can avoid this situation by setting the right asking price. Determine how much your house is worth by looking at similar properties in your area and price it 5-10% below them. The newest and cheapest house in the market is often the most enticing.

If you are really serious in selling your house quickly, sell it to a private investor. Lucas Properties LLC is private property investor who buys houses, apartments, and business buildings with cash. With Lucas Properties, you don’t have to pay an agent’s fee and there’s no need to slash the asking price. Sell your house quickly and get the cash you need.


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