Friday, December 7, 2012

Why Private Property Investor?

When you need to sell your land, it is always necessary to sell it quickly. The longer your property stays in the market, the lesser chance that it will sell unless you will mark the price down. And, this is the very scenario that a property owner will avoid at all times.

Property owners are not sales agents. More often than not, they are not well-versed with the ins and outs of real estate selling. It is only logical that they will seek the help of third party entity such as realtors, marketing consultants, legal advisers, and private property investors. Of the choices given, realtors and private property investors are prevalent. Let’s take a look at why choosing private property investors is advantageous over choosing realtors.

Commissions – realtors or real estate agents ask commission which is usually between 3% to 6% of the asking price. Imagine having an asking price of $55,000; that is $1650 commission paid to the agent. With private property investors, you are not obliged to pay a commission. In fact, they offer cash for your property so you need not shell out any money.

Property Appeal – In order to sell your property, it should have an appeal. Grasses should be trimmed, landscape should be cleaned, property boundaries should be visible, and overall appeal must be competitive. With property investors, there’s no need to stage your land. Lucas Properties LLC, a private property investor, buys any types of land in its as is condition. So, if you don’t have the time of the finances to revamp your property, private investors is clearly the good choice.

Competitive Pricing and Marketing – Real estate agents would tell you that the right price is the key to a successful sale but some owners include the agents’ commission in their asking price. This does not make a competitive price. Private property investor like Lucas Properties LLC will give you a cash offer up to 25% of the market value. Since you don’t have to pay commission; that’s a whole lot of savings for you.

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