Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Move This House Fast

Any experience estate agent will tell you that a house that sells within 4-5 weeks of putting it in the market will have its asking price. If it goes beyond 5 weeks, as the vendor, you will have to consider other options such as lowering the price in order to sell. Regardless of the economic situation, there is always a buyer for any property. You just have to find them and get their interest into buying your home.

The chances of selling your house quickly will increase if you do the following tips:

Price it right. Asking price is always the major factor for most buyers. If the price is just right, you may not have to lower it just to close a deal. Your broker should be able to tell you what the acceptable price for your house is. If you have not contracted a real estate agent, you can do a little research to determine your house’s worth. Check the listings near your area and compare your house’s features; the price you set must be well within the prices of those that are comparable to yours.

Clean your home and create an appeal. First impressions last – this is still true. No one wants to buy a cluttered house. As soon as you put your home up for sale, expect visits from prospective buyers. A clean and cluttered-free house provides a welcoming effect which would help buyers to buy your house and stay. If you can spare a small amount, it is good to hire a professional to stage your home. A nicely staged house can help prospects envision their own furniture in the house.

Are you tired of several showings without a serious buyer? If you really want to sell your house fast, sell it to a private property investor. Lucas Properties LLC is a private property investor who buys house, apartments, and commercial properties with cash. With a private investor, there’s no need to stage your house or reduce the price in order to sell. It will be a quick and easy sale.

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