Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Find Buyers

Anyone who is interested in selling his land would want to know how he can reach as many potential buyers as he can. There are several ways to find buyers; some are more successful than others. You can find buyers in online classifieds. The biggest online classified today is Craigslist; you can check its real estate section and focus on ‘wanted to buy’ ads. Check the buyer’s requirements and match it with your property. Note the buyer’s contact information such as phone number and email; it will come handy in case you need to contact any of them.

If you have come across those bright yellow signs “We Buy Lands and Houses”, write down the phone number reflected on the sign and call them up. Ask them about their buying criteria and if your property meets their requirement schedule for a showing. Those who spare their time to see your property are serious buyers and one of them might be the one you need.

Check the local paper and pay attention to “We Buy Houses” or “Cash for Lands” ads and contact each one of them. The list can go on. You may find your buyer but it may take a long time to have a successful sale. So the trick is not just finding buyers, it is finding a buyer with cash on hand. The type of buyer who has cash on hand is private property investor, so if you want to sell your land quickly and for cash, do not waste your time calling any potential customers. Call private investor like Lucas Properties immediately. 
Private property investors have many advantages over any buyers – they have available cash at the ready, they don’t ask for commission, they take care of after sales documents, and they don’t require several property showings. It’s a quick and hassle-free sale.

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