Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Sell Your Office Property

When you are trying to sell an office property, you will be facing a different type of buyers. Unlike buyers for homes who are more apprehensive with their emotions of living in the home, buyers for office property would think of it as an investment that would create returns. These buyers tend to be more business-minded and more sophisticated. Thus it is important to present your property in the best spot. 

The first step to selling your office property is to attract qualified buyers. Qualified buyers means they have a purpose in mind on what to do with your property and that they have available cash on hand. You would not want to waste your time showing your property to prospects that do not have the financial capacity to purchase your property. Interview your prospective buyers to determine if they are qualified. One of the reasons why buyers declined is that they were not interviewed at the beginning. Expectations are not set and at a later time they found out that your property is not what they are looking for. So, at the start, better check the buyers’ requirements and see if your property meets their needs. 

Once you have qualified buyers, educate them about your property. Most buyers believe that “location” is very important; while this is true, it is not the only factor that they should consider. Let your buyers know that location, terms, and expandability are also important. A little tutoring will help your buyers say ‘yes’ instead of saying ‘no’. 

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