Friday, November 16, 2012

Commercial Land: Finding the Right Buyer

A commercial land or property is real estate classification which refers to land intended for use by businesses such as offices, retail stores, shopping centers, movie houses and restaurants. Commercial land is treated differently compared to other types of real estate. A residential land generally appreciates annually at a given rate while commercial land fluctuates depending on its location and the nearby businesses.
Finding the right buyer for a commercial property is also different from finding a buyer for a residential space. For a residential property, buyers can be virtually anyone who has means to purchase the property. With commercial property, your target buyers are business owners. Selling a commercial property involves a complicated process thus it is recommended that only experienced professionals should navigate the transactions.
Buyers and business tenants often look for detailed information about the property. As the property owner, you should know and be ready to provide the information that potential buyers look for.
Commercial property buyers would like to know whether the property can be used for their intended use. Having this information at the ready will save time and effort for your customers. You should know what your property is good for and if you can provide information on the nearby establishments that would be a bonus. Know the floor plans and sizes. Size determines the selling price while the floor plans help buyers to assess whether the property has enough space for their business activities.
Preparing the property details is just half the struggle. To find the right buyer, you need to place your property in as many listings and use any means to reach as many customers as possible. There are online listings, free classifieds on local papers, social media and building your own website. But if you want a quick and guaranteed sale, sell your property to a private investor like Lucas Properties. Lucas Properties offers a hassle-free property selling while you get paid in cash. No document charges and after-sales to worry about.

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