Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Is My Land’s Worth and How Do I Sell It

Knowing your land’s worth is the first thing that you should do before putting it up in the market. Accurate pricing is one of the important factors that can lead to a successful sale and by knowing your land’s worth, you will be able to price it appropriately. Assessing your land’s worth is relatively easy but it takes time and effort on your part. There is no need to hire an expert unless you are in a very time-constrained situation.
When you have purchased the property, you must have given a copy of the appraisal result. You can use it as the starting point for your research. Since the assessor’s office evaluates land value within an 18-month period, it would be good to check your old appraisal and compare it to the recent sales in your locality. Consider how your land is different from the recent sales when you are checking on the prices. If your land is far from the main road with limited access then it will be worth less than the one with more access.
Getting the numbers can be done by contacting the assessor’s office, property tax office, or realtors. You can reach them by phone, in person, or by checking their website. Checking their website is probably the easiest way as you can do it anytime and from anywhere but you also have to check the freshness of the content as some websites are not updated in real time. If you are still not satisfied with your results or if you don’t have the time to conduct a little research, you can simply hire a licensed appraiser. A skilled appraiser should be able to inform you what the fair market value of your land is.
Once you have determined the price of your land, you can now proceed to the selling process. The fastest way to sell your land and get the best deal at the same time is through a private land investor. Lucas Properties LLC, a private land investor, offers cash that is up to 25% of your property’s fair market value. Together with their generous cash offer, you will be assured to get a quick sale with no hidden fees and commissions.

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