Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sell Your Land and be Free from Debt

A wise person would say we should not carry debts, yet most of us still do. We suppose it’s okay to have debts for as long as we can control them. Unfortunately, there are several conditions that can happen and before we know it we are already knee deep in debt. Unemployment, marital problems, illness, and work-related problems are some of the reasons why we are unable to settle our debts.

If you own a piece of land, you can sell it and free yourself from debt. Losing the property is not entirely bad. Once you have earned the cash from your land you can devote yourself to rebuilding your life. Work under your budget and refrain from getting a loan. If you have been unemployed then you should find a new job.

So you have decided to sell your property and plan to take be in charge of your finances again. Since you are already in a bad situation, you would want to sell your land without spending extra money. To put your property up in the market you can list it in local property listings and free classifieds. In most cases, these are free so you only have to spend time to gather information about your land and upload them for proper listings. Use the word of mouth; tell your friends, colleagues and relatives about the land which is for sale. Put a “For Sale” sign on the property and distribute flyers in your area.

If you need money immediately, you will realize that this is not the best way to go. The conventional way of selling is far from cost-free and it would take months or even a year to sell. Land’s fair market value decreases over time so the longer your property is up for sale, the less money you will likely get. Solve your financial problems by selling to a private land investor. With a private land investor, you don’t have to “spend cash to earn cash”. Contact Lucas Properties, a private land investor dedicated to help property owners in times of financial difficulties, and be debt free.

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