Monday, August 13, 2012

Reasons for Selling a House

There are several reasons why homeowners sell their home and move. When you buy a house and decide to stay, you would not think of moving for at least 10 – 20 years. For whatever reasons though even when no one wants it to happen, you are placed in a situation where you are forced to sell your house quickly. Following are some of the reasons why you may have to sell your house.

First-time home buyers or couples with no children yet usually start with a small house. As the number of their family members increases, there is also a need for larger homes. An increase in income is one of the major factors why an owner sells his smaller home. An increase in paycheck from promotion or change in position allows the owner to purchase a bigger and better home which was previously unaffordable.

This can be bad or good depending on which side you’re in. Losing a job forces an owner to sell his home to avoid foreclosure and salvage what is left. Parents whose children have moved and no longer want to maintain a large space will sell their larger home and buy a smaller one. It makes more sense to sell the larger home that requires higher maintenance and buy a small one.

Change in neighborhood makes an owner wants to sell his home and move to a new one. There are several reasons why a person wants to move to a different place – a noisy bar opens up next door, next door has weird new tenants coming in, a freeway was constructed nearby. As a new couple, you may have started in a student-populated community and now you want to move to a family-oriented place.

Job Location
Job transfer is one of the common reasons why people sell their home. Lengthy commute can be a problem over time so it’s better to sell the house and buy one that is much closer to where you work.

Whatever your reasons are for selling your home, you can do it quickly by selling it to a private property investor. No showings involve and certainly no repairs. Contact Lucas Properties LLC, a private property investor, and get cash for your home immediately.

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  1. Loved the information you provided. I never actually thought of all those reasons on why people are selling their homes. I know ours is to expand, first we got a Storage Unit Glen Allen, VA. Then once that filled up we realized it was time for a larger house! It was a great experience, but I'm hoping to stay here for a while.