Thursday, July 26, 2012

Selling Industrial Land, the Quick and Easy Way

Industrial land is different from commercial land in terms of usage. Commercial land is used for businesses such as shops, offices, malls, and other products and services outlets. Industrial land, on the other hand, is used for manufacturing businesses. Examples of manufacturing business in industrial lands are oil refineries, vehicles factories and IT related factories. These businesses call for large areas of land to house the production equipment and require a lot of employees to work at maximum capacity. Products from industrial businesses are sold to commercial businesses following production.

Industrial land buyers are rare which makes selling industrial land a real challenge both for owners and estate agents alike. Deciding on the sale price is almost the forefront of the selling process. When you want to sell your land you would like to know how much it will take to have a return of investment. If you have an industrial land your prospective buyers are most likely owner of large businesses. And to know the selling price, you should compile a review of the property such as financial statements from previous tenants, government records, environmental concerns and other documentation about the former uses of the land. Consult with a reliable appraiser to check the property. He should be able evaluate the property in terms of property income and sales of similar properties in the surrounding area.

You can either the sell the property in an auction, through a real estate agent, via traditional method or to a private land investor. These methods can surely help you sell your property although the processes involved vary from each method. The quickest way, however, is through a private land investor. All you have to do is determine how much your property is worth and when you come to a mutually agreeable agreement, a private investor will offer you cash for the property. Contact Lucas Properties LLC, a private property investor, if you need help in selling any type of property quickly.

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