Monday, January 2, 2012

Your New Year's Resolution: Sell That Land!

Already, many Christmas shopping lists have been replaced with lists of New Year’s resolutions. On the average checklist of resolutions you can, no doubt, find lose weight, spend more time with family, or save more money. But, for the person who has an extraordinarily zealous need to start anew, the list might be fairly simple: start a brand new life! Perhaps, it’s a brand new life in a brand new city, a brand new home, or with a brand new special someone. Out with the old and in with the new.
Well, in the world of vacant lots, lonely oceanfront shores, and cold empty fields, out with the old and in with the new is a welcome change for land owners hoping to sell their land for a warm, fun filled future. Avoiding the time and energy consuming tasks of hiring a real estate agent, hoping for potential buyers, and selling to the right one is key. This is where enlisting the help of a private land investor becomes the most helpful.
Lucas Properties, LLC has provided expert land investment services to numerous clients in need of a distressed property solution such as yours. With an impressive history of successfully purchasing and closing on raw land within seven day’s time, you’ll be able to move forward without a hitch. And, too, the benefits of choosing to sell your land to a land investor go above and beyond the satisfaction of making the sale. In fact, your profit would actually be cash and any debt that you owe on the land would be paid for on your behalf! Yes, it’s true! Now, that's the way to start a new year. Contact Lucas Properties, LLC for more details.

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