Friday, December 30, 2011

Tips on Selling Your Waterfront Property

Waterfront property is often found in the raw stages and is defined as land without buildings that is fronting or abutting on a body of water. That includes land facing a river, creek or spring, canal, lake or pond, or ocean. And just like any other parcel of land, selling these types of lands can be easy to do. If you’re looking to sell your land, mostly everyone knows that a real estate agent is specially trained for the job of helping you to advertise your sale via the MLS (Multiple Listing System). But, if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to sell your land and put cash into your pocket, consulting with a private land investor is the best way to go. Here’s some information about both to help you make the decision that’s best for you.

A Real Estate Agent…

Will advertise your land nationally via the MLS
Will evaluate your land, and take detailed notes and photographs of your land on your behalf
Will keep you informed of comparable sales in the area and keep your price competitive
Will negotiate the details of a sale on your behalf
Will require a commission
Cannot guarantee a sale, nor a timeline for the completion of a sale
A Private Land Investor...

Will offer you 5%-25% of the fair market value of your land in cash
Will guarantee a closing date within seven days
Will eliminate closing fees
Will pay your debts on the property in full
Require no commission
Print this page or take note of this information if you plan to research a realtor in your area or a private land investor. Be sure to ask specific questions as some may or may not practice their profession slightly differently than described above. Discuss what you learn with loved ones who can help you to make the decision that benefits you and your family the most. Gain all of the knowledge that you can and then go from there!

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