Monday, December 26, 2011

Did You Say, I Want to Sell My Land?

Can you count the number of times you’ve actually used your raw land on one hand? How many family reunion gatherings or beach party celebrations have actually happened on that land of yours? If you’re thinking ‘not many’ or are still wondering (after all of these years) when you’ll find the time to accomplish such a feat, you could become one of the many thousands of people who have benefited from selling their unused, raw land for profit. So many people have been able to cash in on their undeveloped parcels of land—from waterfront property to farmlands and ranches—while, too, being able to avoid the added expense of land ownership. Expenses like property taxes, the cost of maintenance, the expenditure of fencing repairs and the capturing of wild pests that provoke neighboring residents to anger can be enough to chomp a hefty chunk of cash from your income on an annual basis. If you think about it, you can probably find another area of your life where those finances can be better utilized as opposed to letting your land sit and create bills for you.

Instead of selling your land on the real estate market where you will surely pay commission to an agent and, possibly, wait an extended period of time for a serious buyer, you can consider consulting with a land investor about a speedy cash closing. With Christmas approaching, there is peace of mind in knowing that your spending spree to shower gifts upon your loved can begin within seven days of the date that you enter an agreement to sell your unused land.
Know that a good land investor will eliminate the pressure of your financial concerns regarding your sale. That means that he or she will not pressure you into an obligation, will offer you a nationally accepted percentage of the fair market value of your land, and will cover all costs of your sale; even, closing costs and fees, liens, and back property taxes. To find out how you can come out from under the weight of the expenses of your land and gain a profit as you say I want to sell my land, contact private land investor Lucas Properties, LLC.


  1. This site say about sell my land. but I want to say that my house will be sell as early as slow down.
    sell my house

    1. Monika LucasApr 10, 2012 06:18 PM

      We also offer information about how to sell your house fast for cash. Simply click on the Sell My House Fast link above, complete the form and you'll receive a no obligation cash offer on your house. You could close in just 7 days with cash in your pocket.

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