Friday, December 23, 2011

Your Quick Land Sale

To some, vacations and romantic getaways are a far fetched idea. With the busyness and costly price of everyday life, it’s possible that your wallet just isn’t always as full as your calendar. So, when you find yourself daydreaming about your hair blowing in the Bahama Breeze but come to the realization that it’s only the office fan oscillating at the desk in your cubicle, know that there is a way that you came make your dream a reality.
As a waterfront property owner, your land is in high demand by private land investors. You’re an especially good candidate to sell your land if your land is an unused, undeveloped lakefront, riverfront, or oceanfront parcel. Cash offers (that’s right, cash) on raw land typically averages 5%-25% of fair market value. However, cash offers for waterfront property usually yield a larger than average profit.
In order to sell your land quickly, you would need to know factual and, perhaps, unrecorded information on your land to share with the land investor. For example, you should know the size of your lot, the exact location, and what businesses are in the general neighborhood; and, sharing the history of wildlife that might frequent the land or any additional problems that you’ve had with the land makes for a smooth sale. With this basic information, you’ll be able to secure a closing within seven days from the time that you submit the information form to Lucas Properties, LLC under the We Buy Land tab.
And, hey! If you want to get somewhere sunny and breezy in a hurry, you need all profit and no out of pocket expense. With no closing costs and all debts on the land paid on your behalf in a sale like this, you’ll be able to pack your bags and let your hair loose in no time. So, don’t delay. Get the information that you need to take the vacation that you deserve!

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