Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Selling Your Land in the Winter Months

Most people can admit that it’s a beautiful sight to see snowflakes falling from the sky. And that it’s almost surreal to wake up to inches of snow draped across empty tree branches, against the glow of the rising sun. It’s the kind of incentive that succeeds in drawing you outside into the cold when you’d really rather stay inside. And it’s the joy of countless, excited children wherever snowmen can be made. But, as an adult and a land owner, it’s not as enjoyable to think of your newly listed raw land buried twelve inches beneath the cold and the wet. Why is that? Its because it can be hard for potential buyers to imagine the possibility of development on land that they cannot see. However, there are two things that you can do to aid their imaginations:

Set Markers

Setting markers at the corners of your parcel will help to define property lines during the winter months. This would require the specialty services of a surveyor or assessor who has the equipment and know-how to properly measure your site. Because the ground might be frozen and too hard to dig and cement vertical posts for maximum visibility, you may have to use creative methods to mark your land; i.e., small boulders or logs that snow can easily be brushed off of during a showing of your parcel.
Use Photographs

Ideally, you already have detailed photographs of your land that were taken during the months when snow does not fall. Or, maybe you have photographs that were given to you from when you, yourself, purchased the land. If so, you can use those to show to potential buyers and make a successful sale during the winter months. But, if you don’t have any photos of your snow buried treasure, don’t fret! This is when you’ll have to especially emphasize the amazing qualities of your land and the surrounding neighborhood. Don’t worry. You’ll find the right words to say.
If, somehow, you find that you’re still having trouble selling your land in the winter season, you can explore the option of waiting until spring to entertain buyers. You can also explore the option of selling your land to a land investor who will assess your land information and potentially make you a quick sale, quick cash offer. Consult with expert private land investor, Lucas Properties, LLC for how you can sell your land during the winter months. You might soon find that you like Old Man Winter more than you thought!

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