Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Better Land Sale

If you own one of the latest and the most ingenious inventions on the market today called the ‘smartphone’, then you know that there seems to be an app for everything. And, yes, there is literally an app for almost anything. You can stay on top of your life with apps that help you to organize your tasks and sync your calendars to playing games and video chatting with friends. Even real estate companies have gotten in on the action with on-the-go listings that cater to anyone interested in selling or buying properties from lands to homes to corporate buildings. We’re a world on the move and, thanks to some super tech savvy folks, all of the information that we need can move with us.

There is absolutely no denying that the practice of visiting a realtor’s office twice a week for visual and face-to-face updates on the progress of your listed property for sale has become antiquated for the millennial generation. Such a thing is widely replaced by electronically transmitted documents, high definition email photos, and Face-Time. (This is where you say, “Whoa!”). But, though you can sell your oceanfront parcel in California from your New York apartment, these days, there is still yet one thing that your smartphone cannot do for you. As much as you might love it, it can’t smile at you and place tangible, spendable cash in your hand for the sale of your raw land.

So, how (you might ask) would you go about gaining such an experience as your own? Well, hats off to all of the cool apps that make us feel like we can manage our day to day lives and still be intact by the end of the day. However, the best way to sell your raw land quickly and receive actual cash for it is to enlist and embrace the help of an expert land investor. Only a land investor is especially knowledgeable about how to assess your land and quickly finalize the sale of your land; which includes the guarantee of a seven day closing and a no hassle cash payment—neither of which you can get from an app or the Multiple Listing System.

Normally, land investors will offer a profit of 5% to 25% of the fair market value of your unwanted, unused raw land; even, waterfront land. That’s the national precedent and the going exchange for a fast, uncomplicated sale; including the benefit of the absence of closing fees plus the elimination of the liens and debts of the land from your financial record.

This method of sale has been the right choice for so many Americans for varying reasons. It’s even proven to be a distressed property solution that people are telling their friends about. The word is out! If you have questions about how this method of sale for your raw land could work for you, contact Lucas Properties, LLC.

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