Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moving? Selling Your Lakefront Property is Easy!

In some parts of the country, one of the benefits of owning undeveloped lakefront land means always having a sure camping ground for spontaneous family fun, staying filled up on Omega 3’s (because the fish are always biting), and always having a place to dive in and cool down. All wonderful activities that, surely, have created amazing memories for many; that is, until all of their favorite things to do are gone with the falling of the autumn leaves and the freezing temperatures that, eventually, still the water. If that describes you and you always get bummed at the thought of storing the RV and the tents away for the winter—if you’re daydreaming about selling your land, packing up the family, and heading to a warmer climate and year round water sports—then you might benefit from contacting a private land investor.

A private land investor can help to make your daydream a reality. Sure, there will be many more tasks to accomplish besides selling your land before you make a big move but, by eliminating the waiting game that couples the real estate market, a land investor can help to make your life a little bit easier. What’s most unique about selling to a land investor is the fact that you will not have to pay for anything and everything will be paid for you on your behalf; that is, closing costs, liens, property taxes, and fees, for example. Additionally, you’re guaranteed a closing date and finalized sale for cash in seven days. Cash? Yes, it’s true. Cash that can help you with the new adventure ahead. Sometimes, we can think that our next steps in life are more difficult than they really are. But, if you’ve decided that you’re ready to take a step in your life that you’ve never made before, Lucas Properties would be honored to be a part of your journey. Fill in the informational form under the We Buy Land tab for more details.

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