Saturday, October 29, 2011

Appraising and Selling Your Waterfront Property

It is true that appraisals for waterfront land are different from other land appraisals that don’t showcase a body of water. Statistically, waterfront land is valued as a significantly higher priced type of land. If you’re looking to appraise and sell your land—even, your lakefront, oceanfront, or riverfront land parcels—you should enlist the help and guidance of a private land investor, realtor, or professional appraiser.
To have your land appraised and sold in one ‘swap’, the ideal person to call would be a private land investor. The benefits of working with a professional like this includes the privileges of your land being assessed and sold—without any cost to you, from start to finish—in a very small amount of time. In fact, seven days is the typical length of time for a set closing date. The cash offer made to you for your land would be one of 5% to 25% of the fair market value of your land; which is, already, a higher fair market value (and profit) than the raw lands in the same neighborhood that don’t border bodies of water. This is an ideal choice if you have no use or plans for your land. And, too, if you’re looking for a distressed property solution, or are in immediate need of extra income. For more information on selling to a private land investor, contact Lucas Properties, LLC.
If you’re not opposed to waiting for a buyer from the public to come along to purchase your land at a price point that you have set, a realtor might be a good pick for you. A realtor will do a comparative market analysis of your property; which means, he’ll compare the final sale prices of similar waterfront properties in your area in order to come up with a value for your property. After which, you and he would decide on what your selling price would be before he lists it on the MLS (Multiple Listing System). The appraisal, in this case, is usually, free; however, liens, back property taxes, closing costs, and other fees would be your responsibility to pay at or before the final sale of your property. Also, keep in mind that you will owe a commission to your realtor.
If you prefer an appraisal performed and written by a certified appraiser, you should contact a professional appraiser in your area; someone who is familiar with your city or town, and the surrounding areas. A professional and experienced appraiser legally sets the fair market value of your land so that you can sell it FSBO (For Sale by Owner) or on the MLS (Multiple Listing System) at that established price without buyers doubting the value of your land.

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