Sunday, October 23, 2011

About Your Oceanfront Parcel

While there are some people whose passion for sailing, surfing, or scuba diving keeps them loving the open water with every vivid sight of a gentle ocean ripple or a mighty crest, there are masses of land lovers who prefer to keep both feet on the ground… at all times. There are a variety of acceptable reasons as to why these folks prefer the sidewalk over the seashore, and you just might have adopted one of them as your own. Ironically, though, you might also own an oceanfront parcel of land by reason of inheritance—or, perhaps, due to a whim promise to yourself on a beautiful sunny day when you swore you’d learn to love the sight of seagulls and seaweed. I mean, who can really resist the beauty of a sparkling beach? Well, whatever the case (no matter how appealing to others your private beach is to others), things don’t seem to be working out as you planned and you’re looking to sell your collective footage of sand and cobblestones to the first interested party that comes along.

Surely, the fact that selling undeveloped oceanfront land can be challenging is unavoidable if you have no real coastal or shore knowledge. You’d need to know the exact size of your parcel, what type of sand is on your land, what kind of wildlife frequent the space, what laws you must follow concerning selling oceanfront property, and more. Just to think of what you need to know can be overwhelming. However, consulting with a private land investor who is an expert in raw land sales can diminish the confusion or the stress that you may feel about the facts and the history of your land; even, the anxiety you might feel concerning sales and negotiations. Lucas Properties LLC has coveted experience in oceanfront property title exchanges and, generally, offers free closing costs; plus, 5%-25% cash profit for the fair market value of your land. And not just cash profit, but cash profit within seven days—because the overall goal is to help you move your land in as little wait time as possible. After all, life is full of waiting and red tape. If you’re looking to take a real vacation from the stresses of life, you might want to consider this option, today!

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