Thursday, October 20, 2011

Splitting the Sale of Your Land

Though it might sound unfathomable to some, you might actually be one of the people in the world who own between one and ten thousand acres of land. Parts of your land might face five miles of a wild riverfront, and another area might boast a two hundred foot cliff overlooking western views or a grassy slope sheltered by birch trees. Whether ideal for residential or commercial habitation or not, your land is marketable to buyers who are willing to purchase some or all of your terrain; which, as a whole, might be defined by mixed land types (i.e., ranch, tree farm, canyon, prairie, hunting grounds, waterfront property, etc.).

If, for example, your land is vast and has been family owned for a number of years—an inheritance to you—you might consider it to be an impossible idea to either manage it or sell it; being without knowledge or experience in property laws, upkeep or, even, wildlife. Fortunately, no matter how massive your inventory, you should know that you’re not stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are a number of ways to sell your land and gain a profit without enduring the confusion or stress that others before you have experienced.
First, looking into hiring a land surveyor who can accurately measure your land and, too, split with markers the acreage you hope to sell in parts, or distinguish for you where differing land types start and end is important to do. This will eliminate property line and civil court issues that could arise after you have sold your land to two or more buyers that neighbor each other.
After defining the boundaries of land sections that you desire to sell, research websites online that will list your property for sale among a national audience of land seekers. Some sites offer free listing services while others require a monthly fee. On these sites, you can choose to list your land as a whole with the option to purchase in split parcels; being sure to list all of the information necessary to make whole or individual sales.
Another option to sell your land in pieces can include hiring a realtor who will list your land for sale in whole or in part on the MLS (Multiple Listing System). The MLS is nationally viewed but tends to yield land sale results at a slower rate because the audience is mostly partial to purchasing residential and commercial buildings.
Finally, contacting a private land investor could prove to be ideal for you. A land investor will, potentially, offer you cash closing in seven days to own one or more of the split parcels of your land. Added benefits include the absence of closing costs and fees; plus, the dissolving of financial responsibility for liens and back property taxes. If you’d like further information on selling your land to a private land investor, contact Lucas Properties, LLC for details.

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