Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Straight Facts on Waterfront Property Sales

Most of the time, people just want the good news up front. They want it straight forward (no beating around the bush) and they want it now! Where such a thing was once called impatience, these days it’s preferable to the amount of information that people are expected to absorb and, even, retain on a daily basis.
So, here are the straight forward facts about selling your lakefront, oceanfront, and riverfront land parcels. There are many people who have dreams of building a lake house where their grandchildren and great grandchildren will gather and tell amazing stories about them in the future. A place where the supply of marshmallows for s’mores will never run out and the tire swing rope will never need replacing. Similarly, there are those who daydream about building a beach house on Martha’s Vineyard where their son will learn to hunt for crabs, or constructing a house on the river right where the herring for fishing is most abundant.

But, the reality of life is that some of these individuals will simply, someday, walk into a house that is already built--a house that sits off of the ocean, the lake, or the river--and fall in love with it. With a tour of the family room that holds the wood burning fireplace, and the master suite with the balcony that faces the sunrise, they will have mentally decorated the entire house before they leave the place. Before the viewing of the house is over, they will have already began the to-do list in their minds of what it will take to sell their already purchased waterfront parcel on the other side of town.
The amazing thing is this: they won’t have to do it alone. Sure, some will choose a real estate agent to help them sell that waterfront parcel; but, it might take weeks, maybe months to hear from a serious buyer. It will take time out of their days that they may not really have time to spare and money out of their pockets that they don’t really have to spend but, eventually, it will be sold.

On the other hand, others will choose to do business for seven days with a private land investor. That land investor will assess their waterfront parcel for them, offer them a cash profit, pay their closing costs and fees, pay the back taxes and liens on their behalf, and complete the title exchange paperwork. Within one week, their land will be sold and they’ll be making an offer on that house that they saw and loved! Is this too good to be true? Not at all. Lucas Properties, LLC has helped many people in this very same fashion. As distressed property solution experts, they are trained to negotiate and finalize sales accurately and in a timely fashion. If you’re in a situation where you need or want to sell undeveloped waterfront, click the We Buy Land Tab and fill out the informational form to receive more details.

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