Monday, October 17, 2011

Sell Your Land Before the Holidays

With a change in the weather in most parts of the country, many are adding layers of anticipation for the coming holidays to their lives along with their fall jackets and warm, lucky socks. The simple thought of being with loved ones helps to dissolve a whole slew of worries and concerns that life can, sometimes, present. And, if selling your land has been a prevalent worry or concern for you, there is hope that you can sell your land quickly and easily with a private land investor.
Lucas Properties, LLC is an expert land investor who has helped many distressed property owners to complete the sale of their land without hassle and in a small amount of time. With a focus on people and a knowledgeable understanding of parcel land laws and sales, Lucas Properties, LLC offers cash settlements of 5% to 25% of fair market value to land owners; even, those who are at their wits ends concerning the sale of their ranch, farm, vacant lot, and more. Many have expressed the relief and satisfaction they’ve have felt in receiving a competitive closing date of seven days or less; plus, the additional benefits of no closing costs, and no liens or back property taxes to pay.
If you’re interested in selling your land before it’s time to baste the turkey and set the dinner table for twelve, click on the We Buy Land tab and fill out the informational form to receive details on making your sale successful.

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