Friday, October 14, 2011

Tips on Selling Your Hunting Land

Hunting land is undeveloped land that contains forests, marshes, and/or grasslands. Selling this type of land is just like selling any other parcel of land. And if you’re a land owner looking to sell your hunting land, you can sell it via a real estate agent or you can sell it yourself via a variety of advertising websites or private land investor.

Using a Real Estate Agent

If you decide to use a real estate agent, your first step would be to contact an agent in your area who has experience negotiating raw land sales; as this means that he or she will understand how to market your land aggressively.  

Invite the agent to examine your hunting land, being sure to give as much detailed information as possible; including acre size, geographical facts, and your desired selling price. Know that the agent will want photographs of your property to post on the MLS (Multiple Listing System).

Touch bases with your agent on a regular basis. A minimum of once a week is ideal to determine how buyers are responding to your asking price, and if changes are necessary.

When you receive an acceptable offer, sell your land! If your buyer’s offer is comparatively competitive with land recently sold in the area, there’s no reason to hold out and prolong the process.

Selling Without an Agent

If you decide to negotiate an FSBO (For Sale by Owner), there are a few things that you must do.
After gathering all relevant information regarding your hunting land, you’ll need to determine the worth of your land based on the current market. To do this, you must research comparable land in the area and their selling prices. Be sure to set your pricing competitively to draw attention to your land.

Having color snapshots of the details of your land is recommended. To advertise via websites, you’ll need to upload or scan the photographs into a computer later on; so, access to a digital camera or a scanner is necessary to have.

Find your preferred website(s) to advertise your land for sale. Focus on the sites that target the sale of hunting land. When registering, be sure to include accurate contact information. Check the website(s), daily, for updates. If all goes as planned, you’ll be negotiating and closing the sale on your land, in time.

If the sale of your land isn’t progressing as you planned, you might want to consider contacting a private land investor who will eliminate the waiting game that sometimes comes along with selling hunting land and raw land, in general. Most will give you a cash offer on your land based on 5% to 25% of the fair market value of your land, while paying the cost of liens, back taxes, and closing costs and fees on your behalf. For more details on how you can sell your land in seven days, contact Lucas Properties, LLC.

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