Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to Improve Raw Land for Selling?

Raw land can be identified as undeveloped and untilled grounds. Generally speaking, there are no improvements and buildings upon raw land because it is an unimproved property. Raw land can be improved by zoning the area meaning it can be prepared or cleared for construction purposes, if you have enough money to complete the project.  Here is a simple checklist that can be used for the improvement of raw land. You will need to consider many loopholes to go through the improvement process.
Hire a land surveyor
You can hire any local real estate surveyor because without the survey you cannot improve your raw land yourself. The surveyor can reveal plumbing lines and location of power and property lines between you and your neighbor.
City planning commission
Make contact with a city planning commission to find the location of your property. There may be charges for you to get issuance of zoning laws and building permits. Get permission to work on the clearing of the land and to prepare it for building.
Hire a cleaning company
To clear your land, it is recommended that you hire a landscaping company. If you see there are too trees for building, then you should remove them. Get a referral from a property surveyor. Find the names and contact information of the companies to clear land.
You can call the utility companies to check the facilities for plumbing lines and power on your raw land if your land surveyor is unable to provide the information. If they don’t exist, then you can inquire the cost of installing water and power lines properly.
You should always get the building permit with your town or city government office and chief code enforcement officer.   If you don’t have real estate experiences then don’t do this yourself.
Preparing your raw land for sale can be quite a chore.  You can sell your land fast for cash to experienced land investors ready to offer you up to 20% of market value in cash, closing within 7 days and all liens and closing fees are covered by the investor.  If it’s a fast sale you need, don’t worry about preparing your land, just sell your land fast for cash.

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