Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 Great Reasons to Sell Your Land

It’s now commonplace that more and more Americans are inheriting raw land every year. So much so that the chances that you are someone who now owns freely acquired land or waterfront property—whether man or woman, no matter what race or age, and no matter what your income class—is no longer an isolated incident. There are some who, upon receiving their inheritance, make conceptual plans to develop a residential or commercial building on the site; a vacation home or a small business ranch, for example. However, while picking themselves up from the economic hardships that shrouded the past few years, many of those same people are now seeking to cash in on the treasure beneath their feet. Understandably, they have gained a greater desire to alleviate financial strain they may be feeling in some area of their lives. With that being said, here are three prevalent reasons as to why people are selling their raw land; even, their farmlands, ranches, hunting grounds, lakefront and oceanfront properties.

Pay Off Debts

There is absolutely nothing like a debt free life. A host of phone calls from debt collectors and lawyers can be intimidating. The threat of looming wage and income tax refund garnishment is enough to frighten anyone who already feels financially confined. So, many have opted to sell some of the things that they own to make up where they lack and settle their debts. Selling your land—especially, if have no regular use for it—may be a good option for you.

Pay Current or Future Bills

Payments for bills like school tuition, wedding bills, and bills of necessity (heat, gas, water, groceries, etc.), for example, can be planned for ahead of time. Just as it’s now very popular among generations both older and younger to snip coupons for savings, the same amount of attention and planning given to establishing a budget for the future can help to pay for foreseen costs, both, big and small. When seeking a source for extra income, heads of households all over the country are opting to sell their land for quick cash profit with a private land investor. They like having the near-immediate monetary gain for peace of mind, as opposed to listing their land for sale on the MLS and waiting for a potential buyer. (If you’d like further information about selling to a land investor, contact Lucas Properties, LLC for more details).

Increase Savings

For others, the idea of simply increasing their child’s savings account or that of their own for the sake of retirement is their greatest and most urgent concern. Everyone loves a ‘cushion’ and the feeling of financial security increases for many people when there is money in the bank.

You might find that one or more of these reasons belong to you. Whatever your situation is, know that you are not alone and that a solution is within reach.

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