Sunday, November 20, 2011

Discover the Distressed Property Solution For You

Unfortunately, not everyone is in a position where they can spare time, energy, and money to sell their home, raw land, or waterfront parcel in a traditionally manner. One of the most established methods for selling property is by hiring a real estate agent and listing it on the MLS. But unless you know the fear, distress, and desperation of waiting for said property to sell in order to cover debts or bills, you may not understand the relief in discovering that there is a faster solution available.

All over the country, people are discovering the method of sale that is becoming highly recommended by professionals and peers alike. It’s the method of selling raw land to land investors for a cash profit and the promise of a speedy closing date. So many people have discovered this distressed property solution that allows for relief from financial pressure in more than one way. You see, not only can the profit from selling to a land investor eliminate or help alleviate the money troubles that many Americans have faced in recent years; this choice of sale will be completed at no cost to you. Because land is in high demand for the business and residential plans of poised developers, land investors are willing to offer you cash and cover the costs and debts of those who are willing to part with the land that they aren’t using. Normally, the cash offer comes in the form of a percentage of the fair market value of your land; right now, that percentage is 5% to 25%, with waterfront parcels being valued at a higher rate. Nevertheless, raw lands of all kinds are widely acceptable and desired.

If you feel as if you can’t wait for a solid buyer to make an offer on your land, you might want to consider enlisting the services of a private land investor. Already having determined that your needs for your land aren’t relative to your daily life or future plans, it should be easy for you to speak candidly with a friendly investor about your situation and your needs. Keep in mind that he or she is accustomed to helping those in need of a distressed property solution and will help you to feel at ease throughout the process.

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