Friday, November 25, 2011

The Rewards of Selling Your Land

Volunteering for the holidays is an especially fulfilling experience. Soup kitchens, nursing homes, orphanages, churches, and non-profit organizations all across the nation are gearing up to serve, minister to, and provide for some of the people in the world who are less fortunate and more lonely than most. Many incidences have drawn these people to a common place of spending the holidays in the absence of family. But, not only do they benefit from your presence, your smile, and your warm words, they also benefit from your financial donations.
Though you might be willing to take that extra step in sharing a portion of your financial means to provide food, bedding, clothing, and more for someone else, you’re pocketbook may not be as enthusiastic. Fortunately, private land investors are now showing extreme interest in raw lands; including, undeveloped waterfront parcels.
If you have raw land in the woods or land that borders water that you are interested in selling for a quick cash profit, you can certainly finalize the sale in time to make your donation before the holiday season celebrations begin. And (surprise, surprise) you’ll gain even more of a benefit from selling your land than from the joy you feel when someone wraps genuinely appreciative arms around your torso. You’ll get the gift of having any liens or property taxes due on your land paid off on your behalf. You’ll also gain the gift of no closings costs.

So, just as you don’t hesitate to give, don’t hesitate to consider this process of giving. The rewards are amazing!

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