Monday, September 5, 2011

Tips On Selling Raw Land

Raw land refers to a piece of land that has no buildings and improvements. This type of land is very difficult to sell. Here are some methods that could help in selling your raw land.
Know Your Buyers
Before selling your raw land you need to be sure of what types of buyers are going to be interested in your raw land. It will help in determining what kind of advertising you need. If you are selling land to people with commercial interests then focus on people involved in real estate and developers. By understanding the intention of various buyers you will be able to make the most convincing sale to them.
If you have piece of land which is large enough then you should consider subdividing. For this purpose you need to hire a surveyor. He will help you in determining the boundary lines of your land. This way you can easily go through the legalities of your land and future parcels with clear division already detailed. After a subdivision you can sell the desired piece of land and keep the rest.
You can consider selling land through an auction if you are interested in selling your land quickly and possibly taking a loss on the property. Through conventional channels you may not get the high price of your land and there is no guarantee with an auction that you will get the best price either. However the competitive nature of auctions lends itself to this kind of bid war. You can even sell your land through online auctions. For this purpose, you need to make a video of your land instead of picture and put it on the web. Pictures can’t give the real sense of raw land.
Real Estate Investors
One of the fastest ways to sell your land quickly and with the least amount of hassle is to find real estate investors that perform this type of transaction regularly. Commonly people hire real estate investors to sell their lands because it is the easiest and fastest way to sell your raw land. Real estate investors usually pay around 20% of the market value for a property.

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  1. Nice tips. You can also improve your raw land by clearing unwanted vegetation, building simple road across it in order to improve its market value..