Friday, September 2, 2011

Had a Change of Events? Sell Your Land for Cash

There are some special moments in life that are just plain bigger and more memorable than others. Those moments are the same moments that make you, both, smile and cry without thought. You need no real explanation, and everyone understands. No, it’s not difficult to guess the top two events that leave people everywhere in an emotional state of joy and vulnerability. Those would be weddings and the births of babies! Either one of both of these events might be scheduled to take center stage in your life in a number of days. And both events mean that you have to make adjustments in your life. Not only might that include changing your lifestyle and making wiser decisions; it also might include changing where you live.

You might be one of those savvy business bachelors or bachelorettes, for example, who purchased raw land with the plans to develop it. Maybe you were going to build a house on it or a commercial building for a small business endeavor. Whatever the case may be, somehow you managed to meet the most perfect companion or create the most perfect bundle of joy… and, happily, your plans have changed! They’re different or bigger or better now! And that means that you have to let go of the land that you purchased. Well, before you hire a real estate agent to list and sell your land on the MLS—which could take more time and energy than you’re willing to sacrifice out of your new life—you should consider selling your land to a private land investor.

Lucas Properties, LLC is an expert land investor who can save you time and money that you can spend on the enjoyment of your growing family. By making you a cash offer on your land and securing a closing date within seven days’ time, selling your raw land can be a breeze. Not only will it be a breeze, it will be a load off of your shoulders if you owe liens or property taxes—because those debts will be paid for you! Contact Lucas Properties, LLC today via this site under the We Buy Land tab. Oh, and by the way… CONGRATULATIONS!

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