Friday, September 9, 2011

Save Time. Sell Your Land To a Private Investor

Most tasks in life can seem daunting especially when you have a busy life. The very prospect of adding another ‘to-do’ to your agenda can make you long for quiet nights in front of the television or long vacation days in the Caribbean. While it’s true that there are periods in life that are full of errands to run, phone calls to make and paperwork to file, there are many things that don’t require much sweat equity at all. They are things that don’t take up much of your time, attention, or energy; and, too, things that don’t eat up your money. Believe it or not, such ‘fantasy’ responsibilities include things like washing your car, grocery shopping and buying life insurance; even, selling your raw land. Yes! It’s absolutely true. Chances are that some business savvy citizen in your city owns and operates a mobile car wash—someone who can come to your home and wash your car while you’re in the middle of watching Monday Night Football. Participating grocery stores have made website shopping a convenience for you—a kindly seventeen year old could pull into your driveway and deliver to you the peanut butter and pickles that your pregnant wife will crave at approximately 7:48 this evening (like she does every evening). Don’t stress another day that you felt too tired to stop by the market after a long work day and two traffic jams! Use the internet to get a free quote and purchase life insurance without ever having to speak with anyone. And skip hiring a real estate agent for the long drawn out process of selling your raw land; contact a private land investor for an offer on your land and a completed sale within a week.
Like the other time saving solutions mentioned, Lucas Properties, LLC is an expert private land investor with experience in purchasing raw land for cash and tying up all of the loose ends within seven days. And, too, eliminating time traps that hold captive the free time that you have isn’t the only benefit of choosing this less traditional method. Think of the liens and property taxes that you might currently owe on your land; even, the closing costs and the commission bill to a real estate agent that you’d have to pay to complete the sale if you went another route. Well, this is one experience where you won’t come out of pocket to cover debt, fees and expenses. In fact, they would be paid for you. Too good to be true? Not so! In fact, because people are all the time looking for a new way to make life more convenient, this is now a popular norm. And a ‘to-do’ that you’d, most likely, enjoy! For further information and to receive an offer on your raw land, visit our We Buy Land tab.

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