Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Impossible Inheritance? Try this Distressed Property Solution

So, you’re loving uncle left you an inheritance; a vast piece of farmland in a rural city 87 miles away from your home. You’re extremely touched, and you even try to fathom how you could physically and financially manage this hefty gift between work, soccer practice, Girl Scout meetings, and parent-teacher conferences. Oh! And, too, on a one household income. Try as you might (in your mind); it just seems that his dreams of grandeur for flourishing corn fields and crops doesn’t quite fit your lifestyle. In fact, what would fit your lifestyle is a cash profit that could start your children’s savings accounts in pursuit of a higher education. And, honestly, college bound, is what your uncle wanted your children to be.
So, with that said—and considering that you can’t very well tend to a raw land sale in person—your next step might be to contact a private land investor. A private land investor is someone who will offer you a small percentage of the fair market value of your land, and will schedule a closing date to put cash in your hand within seven days’ time. You would not be responsible for closing costs or for the expert knowledge necessary to complete title work in that county. Additionally, if your uncle owed monies in liens or property taxes, they would be paid for you. Seriously! So, don’t fret any longer over acres that you may never set foot on. Instead, put that energy into caring for your children and their future. Put that energy into telling them about all of your favorite moments with your uncle…

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