Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Need Money to Send Your Kids to College - Sell Your Raw Land for Fast Cash

For 18 years or more you have taken care of all your kids’ needs. You work hard to make them happy and consider yourself as a great parent, but likely it is the most important time for you to do your kids one more favor. College, in today’s economy has become way too expensive with all the tuition fees, books and other supplies. The good news is that if you own raw land, you don’t need to worry about your kid’s studies. You can easily sell your raw land and turn it into fast cash to get your beloved kid to his/her favorite college. Most parents feel it is their responsibility to take care of their kids financial stability and every parent wants want their child to concentrate on their studies. You might not want your kids to work part time or full time for their tuition fees, but you have to come up with a suitable option to meet their needs. Summer vacation is about to start and soon it will be your kids’ first semester. If you are holding raw land that you inherited and if you are not planning on developing the land, you can sell your raw land for fast college cash. You can look for private land buyers or look online for organizations like Lucas Properties who specialize in offering a solution for your cash flow needs. They will offer you 5% to 20% of the market value of your land in cash and there are extra bonuses like you won’t have to pay commissions to an agent or realtor or face the long wait of selling on the MLS. More over, you don’t have to pay for liens or any of those other fees that may have burdened you in the past. The deal is closed within 7 days and you will get the lamp cash in a hassle free way. In this way, you can easily get your kids to their favorite college and make the best use of your unused raw land.

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