Sunday, June 5, 2011

Choose the Best Private Buyer to Sell Your Land

So, you’re not an investor and you don’t even have your prospects in real estate. Yet, you do own land. And about the only thing that you’re sure of concerning it is that you’re not using it. This is the story with most people who have inherited land or, in the past, purchased land that they never developed. Usually, their actual home and roots are elsewhere on another parcel of land, or maybe even right next door. Maybe you’re that person and you have been weighing your options concerning what to do with your vacant lot, farmland, ranch, or waterfront property. Should you develop it, somehow? Or, should you sell it?

Well, if you’re like a lot of Americans who are overcoming financial hardships and strains, you might quickly say, “Sell it!” Good, cold hard cash is certainly useful. And, too, if you’re like most folks, you might try and sell the land yourself. Ambitious, it is, and commendable. You’ve got gumption. And, too, it’s seemingly a good idea. However, you might soon learn that you don’t quite know the ins and outs of implementing the successful negotiations of unused, raw land. What if it stays on the market for longer than you’d like to see it there? What if you do dealings with the wrong buyer and the experience turns out to be a disaster? Nobody needs that.

It can be hard to identify where to find people who are looking for safe places to invest their hard earned money. Some of them are looking to build their dream home but, they need a wide open space to break ground. Some of them are organizations looking to build a park or a place for the community to gather but, they need a haven of land right in the heart of the neighborhood. Some of them are eager to build that quiet, secluded vacation get-away that they’ve been talking about for years but, they haven’t yet seen those acres of serenity that you own. Whatever the case, the chances are that you have what they’re looking for only you don’t have the time or resources to get your land in their hands. Lucas Properties LLC is eager to buy exactly the type of land that you’re selling. By offering you 5% to %20 of the fair market value of the land that’s been sitting lonely and uninhabited for the last few years, you can get the cash you need without the hassle of selling your land yourself.

It’s a fact. Raw land sells more quickly when the proceedings are handled by a professional service. And Lucas Properties provides that professional service for you, but with the personal touch of a small business because we are a small business. We evaluate your land, cover all of the costs associated with the exchange of your land for cash, pay the liens and property taxes that you owe, and close on the deal within seven days—you pay nothing!

So, as they say, time is money. Don’t waste time. And don’t waste money. Contact Lucas Properties LLC, today. Let us help you turn your land into treasure that fills your chest—that is, your bank account!

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