Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lost your retirement funds!-Sell your land for retirement cash

If you are planning for your retirement and have lost your retirement funds in this crucial economy you are likely looking for new ways to rebuild. May be your unemployment check helped you out for a few months or you have some money in stocks, bonds or even a savings account already, but maybe now is the time that you need to do something more stable for your future financial condition.
Consider yourself lucky, if you have inherited vacant land as it may help you now as it is the best time to sell your vacant land and make some cash to add pleasure to your last few years of your life. If you don’t have any plan with for vacant land and have been paying taxes every month, then you should not hold onto the land any more. Sell the land and get rid of the tax burdens and secure your future. Raw land is a product that can provide asset security which can be turned into cash at any time to meet other financial needs like getting a more secure financial plan ready for your retirement.
You may have planned on building a retirement place where you and your spouse could go to live off your social security checks, but in the present economy as retirement accounts became slim over past years, your retirement plan might need adjusting. You can sell your land and invest it somewhere else more profitable and which might someday help you build your sweet retirement home. Or, you can just simply deposit the money and use it for future plans. Your vacant land is costing you taxes and upkeep and making your condition more severe. At some point you might fail to pay off the taxes and lose your land. So, let go of your sentimental attachments and sell the land before you get behind in payments or worse happens. If you have raw or vacant land and are planning for retirement in a few years or are already having trouble with your retirement, then it might be the time to change your retirement plans.

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