Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 Good Reasons to Sell Your Raw Land

Eureka! You’ve got land! One of the golden nuggets of the real estate market. You may have bought it, inherited it, or received it as a generous gift from a well wishing grandmother (thanks, grandma). Perhaps, it came in a package deal; a vacant lot or a couple acres of land that were married to your house when you bought it. Whatever the case may be, your ‘eureka’ moment is over and, in your new found sobriety to free up some cash for the future ahead, you’ve hopped right up there on the fence in the consideration of selling your land. The only thing is, you’ve been stuck there, not knowing which side to jump to—you’ve become a balance beam expert. Well, the good thing for you is that selling your raw, undeveloped land is just about the easiest thing that you can do right now. And, that right there is a moment worthy of, “Oh, really?” Because the assuring answer is an absolutely resounding, “Yes!” Are you still unsure? Well, here’s a little help. Take a look at five good reasons to sell your raw land:
Reason Number One: You’re Not Using It
It’s kind of like when you have a jar of pickles in the fridge; but, you never eat pickles. You see, when you were in the superstore, it seemed like a great idea to get that really big jar of dill pickles; after all, they would go great with sandwiches, kids love them, and (best of all) they’re zero calories—the perfect snack. Only, after a month’s time, they’re still the first thing that you see when you open your fridge and the last thing that you or anybody else ever wants to eat. The only action that that jar gets is the glory of the amount of space it has in that cold box and the misunderstood caress of your warm hand as you slide it out of the way to grab the mayo. In the end, you have no interest in the jar of pickles and it was a waste of your money.
Well, that’s kind of how some people feel about their raw land. It gets no action whatsoever; yet, it’s still wasting their money in property taxes, liens, and the expense it takes to maintain it. It’s been like a black hole that they’ve been standing over just dropping their bills and spare change into. If this is your story, you can turn the tables and let your land make you money instead.
Reason Number Two: Your Family Never Uses It
It’s in your name and it belongs to you and yours. Only, the family barbecues, picnics, and annual family reunions always take place at the local park. You know, right next to the pool and the water slide. Huh? With what you have in your hands, that shouldn’t be the case but it is. And you’ve really no objection because you love the convenience of seeing forty of your loved ones poolside. Since it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon, selling your land could be a good idea.
Reason Number Three: You Can’t Develop It
Let’s be realistic. Money answers all things (well, a lot of things) and developing your land takes money that you may not have. Such a predicament is one where selling your land to someone who will and can develop it, is not only going to make you a profit but will, also, do away with that secret drop of ‘Hoarder’ that we all have within us. Take a deep breath… now, let it out. And, bravely, let it go. You can do it!
Reason Number Four: You Want to Fund Your Dream
While some people’s dreams include being the most successful land investor for miles and miles around, your dream is to open a hair salon, an automotive shop, or—heck—you just might want to buy a Harley and join the local bike club. Whatever your dreams, why put them on hold? You can use the profit from the selling of your land to make your dreams come true.
Reason Number Five: It Was Given To You, or You Inherited It
The final reason is this: the land was given to you or you inherited it. You didn’t aspire to have it, you didn’t ask for, and you didn’t want it. But, you’re kind and appreciative, so you took it when it was presented to you. But, that was years ago. Now what? Just like then—way back when—when it was hip to wear jheri curls, mullets, and bell bottom jeans, you still don’t know what to do with it. If this is you, you should probably sell your land. And, fast!
Your Next Step…
You might find that your situation fits into one of the above five. Or, it may not be listed but holds just as much reasoning. Your next step can very well be to plant your feet on the side of the fence with the most pasture. You know that side that gives you the space and the freedom to move forward and go as far as your eye can see. Lucas Properties LLC is a private land investor who buys raw land from owners, paying 5% to 20% of the fair market value of your land—and, that includes a cash payment to you within seven days’ time. Property taxes, liens, and closing costs will all be paid for on your behalf, and you’ll finally be free of what has ailed you concerning your land. Go ahead, fill out the information form under the tab We Buy Land and move forward!

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