Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Easy to Sell Your Raw Land

Logically, some of the most popular land is located where people are in need of the most common services: housing, schools, churches, parks, and shopping areas. And, although there is a market for the sale of vast lands like ranches and farmlands, there is a great need for raw land right in the heart of ‘where it’s all happening’. Though this is understandable, for some there is a slight dilemma; for, ‘where it’s all happening’ is, in most cases, already populated. For these would be hipsters, where is the space that they’re longing for to fit in? Well, if you’re reading this, it’s quite possible that you own it. And it’s quite possible, too, that if you’d owned the land for years and haven’t developed it, you may never decide to do so. In fact, for a quick cash sale, you’re open to have someone take it off of your hands.

If you’re like most people with an unused asset to sell, you’re probably thinking about what you could do with a cash profit such as this. With summer time approaching, it certainly wouldn’t be unreasonable to apply to that dream vacation that you and your family have been talking about for months. And it certainly wouldn’t be unreasonable to use it to pay down some debt, fill a certain need that a loved one has, or apply it to your savings account for an emergency or a potential business opportunity.

At this point, your only hindrance may be that you are not a real estate broker or a specialist in selling raw land—you have no idea what you should do next! Don’t fret. Lucas Properties LLC is a private investor with a database of information and the experience to handle your sale. Most people, with the busyness of today’s lifestyle, are looking for someone who can do it all in a ‘one-stop-shop’ type of scenario. They need someone who can offer them cash for their land, cover liens and property taxes owed and closing fees, schedule a closing date within 7 days time, and do the additional work that they couldn’t do. You know, like eventually selling that same land to a growing, thriving family to enjoy a new home on. That is what we do!

The next step to take is to fill out the form on the Lucas Properties LLC. When you do this, we will review your information and make a solid offer of 5% to 20% of the fair market value of your land. Our goal is to complete a quick, pleasant, and mutually satisfying transaction. By accepting our offer, you’ll have cash in your hand before you know it!

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