Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tips to Selling Your Land

Many owners of land are questioning whether or not they should sell their lot, their farmland, their hunting grounds, or their waterfront property, for example. The prospect of turning a profit from something that they aren’t using is appealing. And, sure, a decision to sell can be a great idea; however, deciding how to sell shouldn’t be entered into lightly. For starters, the basic question that one should ask is, “Do I want the highest price or do I want to sell fast?” Almost immediately, most people will say that they want the highest price. But, after six months or so on the real estate market, that statement quickly turns into, “Hey, I want to sell fast!”

Another question to ask is, “How did I acquire this land?” The answer to this holds a lot of weight in why or how a landowner would sell his or her land. There have been people who have learned that they have acquired land by one means or another that they never had the desire to own, the means to provide for, or the desire to maintain. Also, in most recent years, there are some who purposely or happily gained land ownership but weren’t able to start or finish construction on the land. It began to lack use for them. If you’re one of these people, then you have a good reason to sell your land. And not just sell it; but, sell it for cash!

So, what’s the next step? Well, just like when you want to sell anything, you should want to make the best impression possible. Here is a guideline that you might find useful:

CLEAN HOUSE… so to speak. Clean your land! Put your best foot forward. A general rule of thumb when selling your land to anyone is to make sure that your land is clean of natural and man-made debris. That means that you may have to do some collecting and dumping of trash, mowing, chopping, and weeding, if necessary, to make your land look its best.

DEFINE PROPERTY LINES. People are visual creatures, and they like to see clearly what they are buying. You can define property lines via a hired surveyor, or you can make it a DIY project and do it yourself! Installing white painted posts at the corner of each parcel of your land, for example, will make property lines visible to viewers.

KNOW YOUR LAND. Gather zoning, utility, and location information that is relevant to your land and its position. Be sure to highlight the best features about its location, and be ready to answer questions in a knowledgeable manner.

BE REASONABLE. Consider selling your land on easy terms. The easier the prospect of the sale, the more interested the buyer.

CHOOSE YOUR BUYER! This is the part where you can make cash fast! If you choose a good private investor, that investor will pay all liens, fees, and closing costs associated with selling your land, and will close on the deal within 7 days. That’s in comparison to selling your land on the real estate market (MLS), paying out a commission to an agent, and waiting… waiting… waiting for your land to be sold. And FYI, a good private investor to consider is Lucas Properties LLC who will offer you a cash payment of 5%-20% of the market value of your land while, also, paying those expenses that you would normally incur.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful to you. You can definitely succeed in your endeavor to sell your land!


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