Monday, May 23, 2011

Is Your Vacant Land Costing You? Why Not Make It Pay You?!

How many times have you actually gone by to use that undeveloped, raw land that you own? Diligent owner that you are, you probably make the regular trips to do the regular maintenance on said land; however, you often think to yourself, “What am I going to do with this land?” Well, if you think about it, you might have a financial need that you’d like to cover for yourself, for your family, or for someone else. And you’re fortunate because statistics show that, these days, private land buyers and individual investors are increasingly interested in raw land. Whether your land is a lot in the inner city or a farmland on a rural route, this can be good news for you. Commonly, people make investments in the stock market or other endeavors that they think will prove to be profitable. But, more and more people are opening their eyes to the profit that they have right under their feet. That profit is sitting in their LAND. Yes, there is more than one reason why ‘40 acres and a mule’ was such a big deal in American history. That’s because land—your land—is valuable and can make you money.

There are a few good reasons to look into selling your land to a private individual investor or private land buyer instead of on the real estate market. Consider that you never had plans to develop or build upon your land; yet, you do have plans to buy a timeshare in Florida. Consider that, in addition to paying property taxes or expenses for the home that you live in now, you have to do the same for the empty land that you care for—and you’d rather not do that anymore. Even, consider that you’d like to add to your retirement fund or increase your capital for a small business venture that you’ve been dreaming about. Yes, the possibilities of what you can do with additional income are endless. And taking that step is as easy as contacting Lucas Properties LLC.

Something to keep in mind in this process is knowing that a good investor will be sure to alleviate your financial concerns about your land and avoid putting pressure on you. An easy transaction is something that you deserve. And covering the costs for the sale of your land is exactly what Lucas Properties LLC does. Covering property taxes, liens, fees, and closing costs is fundamental. And, if you’re in a time crunch to make your next financial move (because the palm trees and white, sandy beaches of the sunshine state are awaiting you, for example), this awesome opportunity to make a profit can be completed within seven days. The summer time is fast approaching—you can lessen your work load and increase your quality of life in no time!

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