Monday, May 23, 2011

Sell Land to Private Land Buyers for Fast Cash

Many people buy land when their financial condition is good and they are dream about building a home or developing the land. But this uncertain economy has left a lot of these dreams unfulfilled. Some people inherit raw or vacant land. This vacant land usually becomes a source of expenses rather than profit due to taxes and maintenance. In both of these cases you could sell your land and make some easy cash. When you are looking for a guaranteed selling option, it is best to sell your land to private buyers or investors.
The benefits of selling your land to private land buyers or investors over selling your land on the traditional real estate market are : you don’t need an agent in this deal and you won’t have to pay any comissions like when you sell on the MLS or via a realtor; if your land is on the market for a long time, then the maintenance cost can be burdensome; more over, you will have to be available for your buyers all the time.
If you want to sell your land for fast cash and don’t want to or won’t have the money to pay comissions to a real estate agent, then may be you should look for a private investor or private land buyer.
As selling your land privately does not involve traditional real estate market paper work hassles, it saves your valuable time and resources. Although you are not going to get the highest market price when you sell privately, the deal is usually closed within a short time (7 days). Investors and private land buyers usually pay around 20% of market value, as they have to pay for taxes and maintenance on the property. Also they often have to pay off liens on properties.
All you have to do is deem your land profitable to investors. Just remember one thing : don’t let a private buyer or investor charge you for quotes. Get a cash quote for your land in writing with no obligations attached and at no charge.

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