Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sell Your Land Despite an Adverse Economy

What can you do if you have inherited some land, and are neither an investor nor a speculator? Is today’s precarious economy leaving you short on ready cash? Have you inherited some farmland, but are a city dweller?

Most folks in the above situations try first to sell the land on their own, but have little success. Maybe you haven’t gotten any responses to ads and flyers; maybe you don’t have the specialized knowledge for successful negotiations. Maybe the land is somehow encumbered. No matter what the problem, you are left holding land you would rather trade for some good, hard cash. Lucas Properties LLC is just the place to turn to for a solution!

Whether you are aware of it or not, there are people out there who are looking for safe places to invest their money. Perhaps they are looking for a place to live. Perhaps they just don’t want to invest in stocks or bonds, given the current state of the economy. Perhaps they are looking for some un-built, unspoiled land for a permanent weekend getaway. Perhaps they want to develop the land. Whatever the reason, these men and women want to buy land, and they want to buy it now. Our network of real estate investors is made up of people who have decided that, when it comes to their money, land is the way to go, and they are looking to purchase properties like yours. Even better, they have cash! We will match you with someone who wants to buy exactly the type of property you are offering, and who is ready to lay down his or her cash.

Empty lakefront parcels, vacant suburban acreage, farmland (worked or run to seed), city lots, or beach lots sell more quickly, and for better prices, when the negotiations are conducted by a professional service. Our professional service will evaluate your land, and match you up with a buyer who wants to close quickly and will pay you the worth of your property. Further, unlike realtors, we do not ever charge a fee for those wanting to sell their land.

We all know that time is money, and these days money is king. The network of serious real estate investors we have built are looking to purchase properties with the least amount of delay. Just like you, they desire fast, problem-free closings.
Call us today, and we will waste no time in getting potential buyers in touch with you. No matter what size your land is, what type of land it is, or the reason you want to sell it, let us help you turn that vacant parcel into ready cash, so that you have some financial breathing room.

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