Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reasons to Sell Your Unwanted Land for Cash Quick!

These days, everyone can use extra money. Between a crumbling economy, lower interest rates accruing on 401Ks, savings accounts, and CDs, people are looking for more creative ways to acquire the cash needed to maintain a comfortable lifestyle or just to meet their family’s basic needs. Among the reasons people look for the lump-sum, extra influx of cash that selling land provides are: meeting an emergency or creating an emergency fund for the future, funding a new business, dealing with medical bills, paying tuition for a child (or for one’s own retraining), retirement, or just staying afloat in the period after a job loss or layoff.
One way people are creating more income for themselves and their families is by selling unused land that they hold directly to a buyer, rather than going through the standard market real estate sales process. There are many reasons that selling directly to a buyer can be beneficial. Selling land directly to a buyer cuts out much of the paperwork hassles of real estate sales, as well as saving the seller valuable time and resources. Further, it also cuts out the middle man, and his or her huge commission; the seller gets the full price negotiated for.
We will not only make an offer for your property, we will be ready to do an all-cash deal. Additionally, we are willing and prepared to handle the many details arising from the sale/transfer of ownership. Not only will we buy your land for cash, we will handle the minutiae arising from dealing with closings, lenders, and title transfers.
The one caveat is that because the buyer is the one handling these minutiae, and because of inflation’s nature, a direct buyer will want to buy your land at a substantial discount. Exactly how large a discount the buyer will try to obtain will depend on your vacant land’s market value. Most direct buyers look to purchase at approximately 60% of a parcel’s market value.
When looking to sell land directly, one should note the following: A buyer should never charge for giving you a quote for the value of your land. If a potential buyer tries to charge for providing such a quote, they are not someone with whom you want to do business. Also, most buyers will provide such a quote in writing, without any obligations or strings attached. We never charge for providing a quote. Simply fill out the form on our website, and we will make a firm offer to buy your land for cash.
You know the reasons that you want to sell your land for cash. If time and the economy are not an issue, and your need for cash is not immediate, it may behoove you to wait until the real estate market to recovers to sell your unused land. If, however, you need cash now, don’t wait. Contact us now to make a fast, hassle-free, lump-sum, cash deal for your unwanted land, especially if you are selling waterfront property of some type, such as lakefront, oceanfront, or riverfront property.

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