Saturday, April 9, 2011

Selling Your Land By Owner

It can be a tough decision, whether or not to enlist the services of realtor when you want to sell your land. Whether you have inherited some land, just want to downsize your number of investment properties or even when you just need to have some extra cash on hand, do you always need a realtor and the MLS or is it possible to sell your land by owner? The simple answer is yes.
Selling your land by owner can be a time consuming and bit arduous task, but it is far more profitable than paying out commissions to realtors, dealing with the long wait times to see that the property doesn’t move at all being listed on the MLS and in the end actually losing even more money on the property with extra maintenance while it is available for showing.
When you sell your land by owner, you will need to take steps to ensure that the property is cleanup. It is well worth you initial effort to remove all debris and to do some mowing and weeding. A really great selling trick on large wooded or even open properties is to keep a clear path that follows the property’s boundaries. This makes it easy for perspective buyers to walk the property in a carefree and relaxing fashion. A horrible rustle with brambles is not going to leave the best impression. Make paths accessible to the lands best features.
One of the great things about selling your land by owner is the flexibility you will have with pricing the property. While it is more than worthwhile to conduct market research to determine the value of your land for sale, you will also not have to worry about upping your price to cover the costs associated with realtors. Depending on your selling situation, you may not have the time or energy to price competitively and decide to put your property on the market below value. This is great for a fast sale, as long as it is what works best for your pocketbook. Many realtors however would frown on such an approach and encourage you to ask more and wait for the lowball offer. When you sell your land by owner, you are the person behind the decisions, but you should always leave room for negotiations.
When it comes time to advertise your land for sale, you will want to be sure to include details about the properties location, but not its exact address. This will keep squatters at bay. You should include the properties dimensions, size, zoning and any other outstanding selling features it may have like lake views or mature trees. Include photos of the property whenever possible. You can sell your land by owner online, in newspapers, with signs on the property and in a variety of other mediums.
If you need to sell your land by owner super fast and can’t afford to spend the time advertising, signing and surveying the property, then your best alternative is to seek out investors who are willing to buy land for cash. There are many of these organizations, but it is important to review their website and make sure they are legitimate businesses. They should never charge for a quote, but you should also note that investors do not pay top dollar for properties. Most investors pay 10% to 20% of market value for a property, but with investors, you get hassle-free quick closing.

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